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Tax Season 2017

Employment Opportunities


Want to join Plus 1 Group in 2017? 

We have the below job opportunities available:

Intermediate Accountant

Financial Planner


From the 1st July 2016, the ATO is requiring all employers to comply with new regulations relating to the payments of superannuation. SuperStream is a package of reforms designed to enhance the 'back office' of superannuation and is part of the Australian Government's Stronger Super reform.

SuperStream provides a simpler, consistent method for making super contributions, registering new employee super accounts and providing associated data. There are a number of options available for employers to use which ensure they meet the new reporting requirements. These include software packages such as Xero and MYOB, as well as Clearing Houses provided by the ATO, Retail, and Industry Funds.

If we haven't already done so a member of our team will be contacting you shortly to ensure you are ready for the 1 July deadline.

More information can be found here and a video explaining further can be found here.

Foodshare update

Foodshare update

Plus 1 Group Accountants recently presented Shepparton Foodshare with a cheque for $4,468. Kelly Jeffers from Plus 1 Group presented Ron Nicholls with the cheque for amounts raised by Plus 1 Group staff.

Plus 1 Group was thrilled to have raised an amount that will help so many members of our local community in need, and is committed to supporting Shepparton Foodshare and the great work it does into the future.

Supporting Shepparton Foodshare


As a firm, Plus 1 Group have been searching for local organisations that are making a difference to the lives of people in the Goulburn Valley. In late 2013 we came across Shepparton Foodshare â€" an organisation that is based on giving to those most in need. This organisation works closely with local businesses to reclaim food that would otherwise end up as waste. Foodshare then distribute the reclaimed food to local organisations that support the underprivileged. Sometimes this is a matter of a family being able to have food for Christmas lunch, or for parents to be able to feed their children breakfast, or provide a packed lunch for school.

Plus 1 Group are teaming up to try and raise funds and awareness to help support the positive impacts that Shepparton Foodshare is having on the local community. Over the next 12 months Plus 1 Group will strive to raise $50,000 to support Shepparton Foodshare. We are seeking the support of the local community to contribute to this worthy organisation, to ensure that it is here to stay for the long term.

Fundraiser committee members, Jacqui Pell, Kelly Jeffers and Matthew O'Bryan have set the wheels in motion to help get the first $10,000 raised before the end of September. Each staff member will be working towards raising $250 each, to help support the local organisation. 

Help us to support Foodshare, and make a difference! If you would like to donate, please email and we will make arrangements with you.


ASIC - New Business APP

A new smartphone application developed by ASIC will help small business owners undertake important checks before they enter into business transactions with other organisations.

ASIC Commissioner Greg Tanzer said, 'What you see on the surface isn't always what you get.

'Due diligence needs to start the moment you're thinking about starting a relationship with a business, not after you find out you're chasing money from a business that doesn't exist.

'ASIC's Business Checks app provides some general guidance on the steps small businesses can take to reduce the risk of being swindled by unreliable operators and fly-by-night businesses.

'There will always be an element of risk when you enter into business transactions, but you can help protect your interests by doing your homework and checking for warning signs'.

Available for smartphones and tablets, ASIC Business Checks encourages business owners to:

  • ask the right questions about the company, business and individuals they're dealing with.
  • check ASIC's registers and verify that the information they've been given is accurate
  • seek ASIC's help if they need more information or the support of a professional business adviser, and
  • report suspected misconduct to ASIC if they believe a company, business or individual is acting unlawfully.

'We understand that time and resources are tight for small businesses, which is why we've developed a tool which is free and easy to use.

'Small businesses account for 96% of businesses registered with ASIC, so a big focus for us in 2014-15 is providing the sector with information that is not only easily understood, but relevant and accessible', Mr Tanzer said.

ASIC Business Checks is available now on iTunes and Google Play.


Our Little Learners centre, via a fundraising committee, is doing its best to create awareness and assistance through as much exposure as possible. If you read on, thanks for taking the time to do so.

As many of you may know, my son Bailey was diagnosed with autism at 2 and a half. My wife Michelle has experienced this in her family and was devastated with the news. It took me some time to understand what autism means for those effected and their families, but the impact is significant.

For those with autism, it is a lifelong condition. There is no known cure and it will never go away. Children with autism become adults with autism. Autism effects people in different ways, but it is a very isolating affliction, where social comprehension, interaction and communication is severely affected.

Given that the brain is most able to be moulded at an early age, early detection and intervention gives the best result in breaking through some of the barriers and deficiencies by those on "the spectrum". The longer someone with autism goes without intervention, the isolation and social disengagement multiplies. The fact that about 80% of life skills are learned by social interaction, either watching, listening or engaging with others highlights the major problem with a late diagnosis. By the time a child is 6 or 7, so much irreversible damage is already done. Unfortunately the average age for diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is 5.

Applied Behaviour therapy (ABA) is the best known treatment for Autism. It is a play based, reward therapy which requires 1 on 1 interaction between a patient and their therapist between 5 and 7 hours per day. The therapies are coordinated by a specialist psychologist to achieve outcomes that most children get from normal social engagement.

Our son Bailey attends Little Learners Autism program in North Melbourne. It is one of three such centres in Melbourne for children aged between 2 and 6. Our centre has 11 other children. Bailey attends 4 days a week from 9.30 to 4.00 and receives comprehensive therapy during this time. Unfortunately with my business based in Shepparton, I spend quite some time apart from my family and with another one on the way, will miss a lot of our new arrival's first couple of years. But as I'm sure you would agree, you do whatever is needed to help out your kids.

Bailey has been attending since October last year. I can't begin to express how gracious I am to be involved with this program. His development has been great. He makes a lot of eye contact and his communication is improving significantly. The therapy costs $70,000 per child per annum. (there is one family with twins there!!). There is little to no government assistance. To this end the parents of the centre formed a fundraising group to enable some form of subsidisation and allow us to keep the dream alive for our kids.

Our hope is to raise enough funds to pay a month fees for each of the 12 children who attend so approximately $72,000. The parents have set up a team for Run Melbourne on July 27th, 2014. Whilst we would encourage as many people to join us on the run to promote awareness, our predominant drive is to fundraise.

We are looking to secure some corporate sponsors as well as individual donations to support our cause.

Should you be able to assist either with a pledge of support either directly via email or on our everyday hero fundraising page to which I provide the below link, we would be more grateful than you could ever know.


Corporate Sponsors

Please email your pledge to and we can tailor something to promote your business. We would be pleased to be gifted items to auction off as an alternative to cash.

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Ben Snow
Director, Plus 1 Group